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The foundation of my work is rooted in the belief that mentorship is key in any artist's success. Sharing the wealth of knowledge one gains with others builds more ease for all in navigating this industry, and enriches the arts world by allowing more artists to take part in it. Every artist should have the career they want to have. My goal is to help you take those steps towards achieving it using my knowledge of the industry, network of resources, and 10+ years of personal experience in this field.

I am currently booking remote & NYC-based in-person sessions.

1 Hour consultation

$35.00 (+ studio fee if in-person)

In this consultation, we will formulate a game plan based on your needs. This could mean:

  • Building a starting point for repertoire building

    • The roles you can/want to play

    • The shows you are a great fit for

  • Targeting your dream schools/programs

  • Breaking down your larger career goal into smaller, attainable steps to get there


$50/hr (+ studio fee if in-person)

These coaching sessions can look like:

  • Getting your monologues feeling fresh, active, bold and ready to book you some work.

  • Preparing sides for a self-tape or callback.

  • Breaking down some key pronunciations, placement and prosody to get you ready for those auditions and callbacks looking for a specific dialect.

  • A holistic dive into a dialect to prepare for a role or add to your special skills.


$75/session (+ studio fee if in-person)

$200/3-session package  (+ studio fee if in-person)

One session includes:

  • A one-hour session to run and work your pieces

  • Callback/Interview prep

Three-session package includes:

  • A one-hour consultation (see above)

  • Two one-hour sessions to run and work your pieces

  • Callback/Interview prep

  • Additional help with applications

    • Alumni + current student networking

    • Essays/Letters of Intent

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