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“Erika Vetter shines in the genre. Her enthusiastic, wide-eyed persona, coltish physicality, and amusing sounds – giggles and at one point an operatic soprano orgasm – are delightful. Later, Vetter solidly enacts La Marquise’s daughter Gabrielle in a serious confrontation about the latter’s future.” - Woman Around Town

“The excellent and droll Erika Vetter plays the “living” Émilie— the “force vive” version, you might say…” - Blog Critics

“I loved Erika Vetter as Soubrette. Living up to her name, she was vivacious and adorable.” - The Front Row Center



“The acting in Teenage Dick is superb. This is a group of young actors with an immense amount of talent.

“…the cast is filled out by Erika Vetter…in a role that helps bridge the cast, while providing a great deal of comic relief, especially as the story turns dark.” - Heilman & Haver

“But it's this outstanding cast that completely sells every single nuance of this show. Each one plays their high school archetype perfectly…. And Erika Vetter as the school advisor with her own agenda, Elizabeth York, not only brought the comedy but I'm sure the attitudes many of our teachers today would echo.” - BroadwayWorld



"Vetter’s hyper-anxious W is prone to overthinking, and to interpreting every assertive move from her partner as an assault. And Pande’s more patient, seemingly easygoing M is recessive to a fault at times, and overwhelmed by his counterpart’s emotional demands.

...Credit that also to the beautifully attuned actors, whose silences and eruptions, distances and intimacies are choreographed so astutely by director Henry Nettleton on a wide strip of stage flanked on two sides by audience members." - The Seattle Times

"Erika Vetter, who plays her role with incredible skill and dynamism…

...The quality of the acting keeps your eyes glued to the stage. Vetter and Pande turn in markedly different but complementary performances. Pande's steady, predictable sine wave of human emotion contrasts well with Vetter's more drastic peaks and valleys. But Vetter never overdoes it, which is incredibly impressive in a rom-com-dram that has her cracking jokes, breaking down, and trembling with anxiety—all while speaking a million miles an hour.” - The Stranger



"Erika Vetter is a new company member and has the delicious role of Hermia, beloved and spurned by Lysander, friend then foe of Helena, plus Philostrate, master of the revels. She, too, gets to showcase her dramatic and athletic skills in that fabulous argument-fight scene.” - Durango Herald


Best Performer in a Play, Best Ensemble - 2022 BroadwayWorld Denver Awards

Best Supporting Performer in a Play, Best Ensemble - 2022 BroadwayWorld Seattle Awards

Excellence in Performance in a Play as a Lead Actor - Seattle Critic's Circle Gypsy Rose Lee Awards 2020

Best Shakespearean Play, Best Small Ensemble of a Play - 2018 BroadwayWorld Denver Awards

Rose Mundy in DANCING AT LUGHNASA - Kennedy Center ACTF Irene Ryan Nominee

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