ACTOR Born and raised in Colorado, the middle child on my mom's side, the youngest on my dad's. My childhood consisted of petting every dog in sight, doing puzzles, taking unexpected naps, obsessing over Harry Potter and making terrible music videos and movies with my siblings. I loved making up odd characters and talking in dialects (one day I will master Moira Rose). All of my family vacation memories consist of horrible sunburns and my parents taking turns doing indoor activities with me. This set me up for a solid self-deprecating sense of humor, fluency in sarcasm, a sharp wit and very little dignity.
        I joined Thespian Troupe 5450 in high school and spent a summer at the National High School Institute’s Theatre Cherubs program. My passion for playing and for the communities that formed around it led me to the acting program at University of Northern Colorado, where I earned my B.A.

        ARTIVIST College primed me for an acting career, but it wasn't until my move to the tempest of New York City that my creative voice and artistic identity was truly uncovered. 2015 brought the beginnings of my work as the Director of Online Communities for StateraArts, a non-profit organization working towards gender equity in the arts. I also joined the efforts for prison and police reform, working at Rikers Prison and NYPD as an actor-trainer for their crisis intervention training program-- teaming up with mental health clinicians to train officers to access their empathy and de-escalate inmates without the use of force. And I served tables in Midtown-- a special kind of hell.


        EDUCATOR From my experience as an artist in the city and my work with Statera erupted a growing awareness of the need for mentorship in this industry. This led to my involvement helping coach and judge several Speech & Debate Regional Competitions for Berkeley Carroll High School and expanding my involvement with Statera as a Regional Coordinator for their mentorship program. It served as a driving force in my decision to earn my MFA in Acting. As a graduate student at the University of Washington, I have taught beginning acting courses to pre-major and drama-curious undergraduates. I'm currently based in Brooklyn with my favorite husband, Adam.

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